Foto-Rabe/PixabyWhat can we learn about living well from those facing the end of life?

What David Maginley has learned from counselling hundreds on their deathbeds.


Inner Connections

Inner Connections is about our relationships with each other, with the Earth, and with ourselves. Host Terry Choyce talks with David Maginley about his new book, Beyond Surviving: Cancer and Your Spiritual Journey.

“We are more than biology. We are an entire complex person, and spirituality is at the foundation of what it is to be a living human being.”

We’re talking about spirituality, cancer, death… and I’m just waiting for the f-bomb. This interview contains strong language.

“Spirituality is one of the best ways to help patients get back in the drivers seat of their lives.”

CBC Mainstreet

Discussing Beyond Surviving and the role of spiritual care

 “David Maginley is an interfaith spiritual counselor at a Halifax cancer centre and has had cancer 4 times. He shares his personal story and ways he’s helped others through their spiritual journeys…”

The Soul Booth

David Maginley & Beyond Surviving

Talking about my new book, Beyond Surviving: Cancer and Your Spiritual Journey.

The Soul Booth

Introducing David Maginley

Diving deep with Nancy Regan on life, suffering, meaning and hope in the world of cancer.

QEII Times

Turning Darkness Into Light

QEII Times Press Interview: Turning Darkness Into Light

“One day we went downstairs to get a coffee, and when we came back up, she had this look of peace and serenity.”

QEII Times

Turning Darkness Into Light

QEII spiritual counsellor lends a compassionate ear.

CBC Information Morning

The Power of Rituals at the End of Life

  CBC Interview – Information Morning

Spiritual care at the end of life. We get a preview of a talk entitled “Spiritually Transformative Experiences at End-of-Life” by Rev. David Maginley, he’s an interfaith spiritual councilor and chaplain with the NS Health Authority.

Craig’s Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society

Spirituality and Cancer

Speaking at a support group about facing the crisis of your life.

Cancer Care Nova Scotia

Meaning and Survivorship

How to use cancer to forge meaning through suffering.

When You Die Documentary

Does consciousness continue after death?

When You Die featuring David Maginley

A feature-length film that explores what’s happening in our minds and bodies at end of life.