What people are saying about David

“David has the uncanny capacity to walk into a patients room as a stranger, and bring about a transcendence that provides not only a nurturing of the soul, but solace and ease of suffering in a multi-dimensional fashion. As a Family Physician for over 30 years and now studying Palliative Medicine, I have had the privilege to experience the true harmony of spiritual care in the comforting of patients near end of life. David shares his wisdom in a very relatable way. He has a delightful ease about him as well as a great learned proficiency of our existential being.”

“David is one of those rare people who can skillfully provide context for our lives just when everything is falling apart. His deep understanding of the human spirit makes him an excellent guide for patients and their families who have no vocabulary for dealing with critical illness or death.”

“David has an amazing ability to touch the emotional core of what patients and their loved ones are thinking and feeling as they go through the cancer experience. Patients and family members often share that David’s presentation is the highlight of the day and can often brings them to tears.”

“David has graciously visited multiple times with 4th year nursing students enrolled in an oncology course. Each year students are engaged and transformed by his gift of words. One student commented, ‘Every nursing student should hear him speak.’ I agree.”

“David stands tall not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. His greatest gifts arise from the courage to walk compassionately and insightfully with those confronting serious health challenges. He speaks of hope and the beauty of the human spirit in an inspiring and uplifting way, bringing dignity and respect to those most in need.”

“I have had David share his wisdom on death, dying and transformation with some new nurses in our organization. These care providers face tragedy and death frequently in their jobs, and often find end of life care emotionally challenging. His calm, gentle, yet humorous presentation style leaves them feeling peaceful and safe.  Many of the new nurses identify him as a ‘gem to keep’ for these sessions and ‘very motivating.’ Here’s what they say:

‘[I now know] death is perfectly safe, it’s getting there that’s hard.’

‘My mind was blown away; extremely interesting presentation.’

‘David’s talk was amazing!! Please always have him speak with the new grads’

‘David’s lecture was incredible – great energy, great info, great connection'”

“Absolutely Awesome. Best presentation I have heard in a long time. Authentic. Real. Lasting.”