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An Empowering Crisis?

With the pandemic well into year two and variants seeming to outpace our attempts to quell the virus, I must admit I hesitate to write this. People are dying, and disparities are only amplified by the crisis. What a mess. Yet the nature of crisis is that it drags us towards transformation. It hauls us […]

Angie’s Dream

Angie had a dream. All her life, she wanted to act, to shine as the star upon the stage. Far from a desire of her ego to grab the spotlight, this was rather an expression of Angie’s natural, irrepressible spirit. She was one of those rare people who beamed love to the world, all the […]

? Under the Tree

How would you feel about a different kind of Christmas message this year? One that offered no comfortable assurances of peace on Earth, but instead raised only questions? Would you get frustrated? Would it even make a difference? Do you even recall any Christmas sermon you’ve heard? What was the message? Was a gimmick used […]

Cancer Fatigue

“I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!” The patient slumped in her chair, welling up with tears. “This is so hard. I have no energy! What can I do? By the time I’ve got myself ready for the day I just want to go back to bed!” No wonder. She had been through […]

Praying? Focus on form, not results!

In my last blog I encouraged you to shoot for the moon when praying. Here I want to help you hit that target by not focusing on it, and we’ll do so by connecting the link between prayer, desire… and weightlifting. How do you desire something without adding desire to it? That’s the paradox of […]

Praying? Shoot for the moon!

It was a clear night with a gorgeous moon, yet even with a good lens, my photograph just wasn’t as clear and sharp as I wanted. There were multiple factors at play, among them being automatic camera settings, atmospheric distortion and electronic noise on the camera sensor. I would have to somehow cut through all […]

Hiding in Plain Sight

I snoop. Not only for my gift, but everyone’s. They’re wrapped under the tree, looking amazing and mysterious, and I can’t help but dive in. My justification is that this is what God wants us to do – go searching for the gifts of love. I know, it’s a poor use of a profound metaphor, […]

Your Creative Spirit

She painted her path to healing. It was the best way for Laura to activate her consciousness, her spirit, to help her body regain balance. Laura’s blood counts had remained low, even months after the stem cell transplant. She wondered if there was any way to influence that invisible world within. The best way, of […]

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

I’ve just come back from a conference with hundreds who’ve died and visited heaven. It’s the International Association for Near-Death Studies Convention, a yearly gathering to explore the ultimate trip. And I feel oddly comfortable with the crowd, because I visited that realm myself, and can describe it in one word: home. It was because […]

Why Me?

This must be the most common question that springs to mind when the bottom falls out of life. Its asked from the moment of diagnosis and wrestled with throughout the course of treatment. And its a question asked on two levels: the biological one – why did this happen to my body, and the spiritual […]