Finished Treatment – Now What?

Your cancer treatment is complete. You’re moving back into life, receiving the congratulations of friends and feeling the relief of family. Problem is, you may not feel relieved. In fact, you may feel a surprising discontent – not energized, not positive, and certainly not safe. What’s going on?

Many cancer patients don’t want to claim the title of survivor. Many say they were just lucky, as they struggle with rebuilding body, mind, spirit and, often, financial stability after treatment. Even as the years pass by, they quietly watch and wait for any symptoms indicating that cancer has returned. Normal life is long gone, but a new normal can emerge. Fortunately, there’s even assistance to help you rebuild after treatment.

Cancer Transitions is an evidence-based six week program designed to help you get back to life after treatment is done. It covers key areas: exercise, nutrition, emotional support (including communication, frustrations, depression and PTSD), medical management (fatigue, neuropathy, poor memory, edema, etc.) and making meaning from the crisis. The program is designed to help redefine how we live our lives after facing the battle of our lives. It’s been running internationally since 2006, and with great results. Participants experience:

  • Less worry about the negative impacts of cancer
  • Better physical and social functioning
  • More commitment to physical activity
  • Improved diet and increased vitality

In Halifax, we’ll offer this for the tenth year in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society. It’s limited to 15 participants, is completely free, and is a great way to get yourself back in the driver’s seat of life. Call Melissa at 902-470-2051 to register. Program runs on Tuesdays, 6-8:30, March 28-May 2 at the Canadian Cancer Society, 5826 South St. Halifax.

Don’t waste the crisis – use cancer to intentionally deepen your engagement with the life you fought for.

Use cancer to intentionally deepen your engagement with the life you fought for. – David Maginley

Question: Now that you have a brand new day, what first step would you take to recover life and live more fully?

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